Infapower 1500mA Universal Power Supply AC/DC Mains Adaptor P003

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The Infapower 1500mA universal power supply or AC/DC mains adaptor has a 7-way multi voltage selector. It is important to check the voltage and milliamps required by you appliance to ensure this power supply is compatible. You have 7 different voltage options, simply twist the yellow voltage selector to the correct voltage for your appliance. Output voltages available are 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V or 5V via the USB socket. The output current of this universal power supply is 1500mA, so if your appliance requires 1500mA or less then this AC/Dc mains adaptor will work. However, if your appliances requires less than 600mA why not consider the Infapower 600mA power supply. If your appliances requires more than 600mA but less than 1000mA also check out the Infapower 1000mA supply. Next select the correct tip or jack plug to fit your appliance. 

It is very important to note that if you are using the USB port that the yellow voltage selector must be set to 5V. Failure to do so could damage your appliance.