Alcatel Versatis F250 Cordless Phone Batteries AAA NiMH 2-Pack

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Pack of 2 replacement Alcatel Versatis F250 cordless phone batteries. The Alcatel Versatis F250 cordless phone originally came with rechargeable AAA NiMH 1.2V 400mAh batteries. It is important to replace them with the same 1.2V NiMH 400mAh AAA cordless phone batteries. The 400mAh capacity is simply the amount of charge the batteries can hold. The capacity of the battery is directly related to the charging current delivered by the phone cradle. It is not recommended to fit batteries with a high capacity. When you have replaced your Alcatel Versatis F250 phone batteries, place the phone in the charging cradle and leave for a minimum of 15 hours to fully charge the batteries. Please also note that new batteries do not reach their full capacity until they have been in normal use for several days. If you have the Alcatel Versatis F250 Duo or Trio set and need batteries for all your phones don't forget to increase the quantity in the shopping basket.
More Information
Battery Size AAA
Pack Size 2
Voltage 1.2V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 400mAh
Rechargeable? Yes