3.7V Li-ion Phone Battery MT LZ423048 RP423048 600mAh

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3.7v Li-ion phone battery for the range of BT Verve 500 cordless telephones. This battery is the exact fit and has the correct plug. This BT Verve 500 battery replaces the RP-Li-ion RP423048 battery and the MT-Li-ion LZ423048 battery. It is suitable for all BT Verve 500 cordless handsets, so if you have the BT Verve 500 Twin, BT Verve 500 Trio or BT Verve 500 Quad sets you can order as few or as many as you need. Also, this battery will fit all versions and colours of BT Verve 500 handsets, so it doesn't matter whether yours is called BT Verve 500 DECT, SMS, has an answering machines or if it red, black or silver, this battery fits them all. When replacing your BT Verve 500 batteries insert the new Li-ion 3.7V 600mAh rechargeable battery and plug the small battery connector into the socket inside the battery compartment. Carefully make sure the battery wires are tucked in and then slide the battery compartment cover back on. Place the handset on the base and charge the first time for at least 24 hours.