3.6V BT Cordless Telephone Battery 3.6V 300mAh NiMH BC102163

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The correct fitting replacement battery for the BT On Air 2250 cordless phone. Also suitable for the BT On Air 1000, BT On Air 1100, BT On Air 1250, BT On Air 1800, BT On Air 2000, BT On Air 2100 and BT On Air 2250 cordless telephones. However not suitable for the Exec models. This BT On Air 2250 battery is made up of three 4/5 AAAA rechargeable batteries inside a pack with two wires and a connector plug. It is the direct replacement for the Uniross BC102163 81H battery, GP 30AAAAH3BMX T307, Energizer CP24, Varta T326 battery. This BT On Air 2250 NiMH phone battery is 3.6V 300mAh and has the correct plug, not the universal plug. When replacing your BT On Air 2250 batteries, please and connect the battery pack and charge the battery through the phone base for a minimum of 20 hours the first time you charge them. This improve the battery performance.

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More Information
Pack Size 1
Voltage 3.6V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 300mAh
Rechargeable? Yes