Ultralife 9V Lithium Batteries U9VL U9VL-J-P 10-Pack

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Buy the Professional Grade Next Gen U9VL-J-P Ultralife 9V Lithium Batteries here in lots of 10. Ultralife 9V Lithium batteries have various part numbers, the battery listed here is known as U9VL-J-P which is a U9VL plastic housed battery encased in an aluminum housing. The aluminum housing reduces the amount of moisture that can enter the battery over time, which enhances its life. The U9VL-J-P is designed for applications in which the battery must either last a long time, such as in smoke alarms, or where it may be exposed to low temperatures or uncontrolled heat and humidity conditions, such as in electronic parking meters or other outdoor applications such as automatic watering systems and dog training transmitters.

These Professional Grade Ultralife 9V lithium batteries are individually retail packed. Buying in bulk offers the best way of purchasing for large maintenace companies and service engineers to use in smoke alarms and security stystems. These batteries are also used by utility companies, the music industry and also in audio and broadcasting equipment.  

Technical Specifications

  • Ultralife Part No. U9VL-J-P 
  • Voltage Range 5.4 to 9.9V
  • Average Voltage 9.0V
  • Nominal Capacity 1.2Ah @ 900 ohms to 5.4V @ 23°C
  • Max. Discharge 500mA continuous
  • Weight 37g Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C
  • Storage Temperature -40°C to 60°C
  • Self Discharge < 1% per year at 23°C
  • Exterior/Housing Stainless steel / PVC label
  • Terminals/Connector Ni-plated miniature snap


More Information
Battery Size 9V
Pack Size 10
Voltage 9V
Chemistry Lithium
Rechargeable? No