Ansmann Powerline 4 Light Intelligent AA AAA Battery Charger 1001-0011-UK

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The Ansmann Powerline 4 Light Intelligent Battery Charger is a new charger from Ansmann and can charge between 1 and 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. This charger provides a charging current of 450mA. It also has a USB port if you wish to charge a USB device - please note you cannot do this while recharging the batteries. This will provide up 5V and up to 1A to charge your USB device. The Powerline 4 battery charger has a clear LCD display that indicates the battery voltage and charging status in %. It has an auto cut-off charge function along with faulty cell detection. The Ansmann Powerline 4 charger individually controls each cell and has automatic shutdown. Part number 1001-0011-UK. Please note batteries are not included.

Charging times (AA/AAA):

2700mAh - 7 hours
2100mAh - 5.5 hours
1000mAh - 2.5 hours
800mAh - 2 hours