A+Life Solar Panel Car Battery Maintainer 2W 130mA PA6-002

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The brand new A+Life 2W Solar Car Battery Maintainer is now available in the UK and replaces the previous DZ Energy brand. Designed to maintain the charge in your car battery whilst in storage or while on holiday and stop it going flat. The A+Life Solar car battery maintainer is not designed for charging flat batteries. Simply place the A+Life 2w Solar Panel in the windscreen and plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. Crocadile clips are also provided for connecting directly to the battery. Suitable for maintaining motorbike batteries jet ski batteries and small boat batteries. The A+Life solar car battery charger also has a built in blue LED to indicate when the solar panel is charging.

Solar Cell Type : a-Si Triple Junction

The A+Life 2W Solar Panel replaces previous part numbers including DZ-Energy DZ-170  ICP Sunsei SE170 SE-170 SE150 SE-150 ICP04027 ICP04021.

Protect car batteries from going flat
Power rating 130mA @ 15 Volts
Wattage: 2.0 Watts
Solar Panel Dimensions: L=174mm W=155mm D=3.2mm

Overall Dimensions : L=205mm W=170mm D=14mm

Weight : 480g
Connects in seconds
Blue LED charge indicator
Keeps your 12V battery topped up
Built in discharge protection
Cannot overcharge your battery
Sleek and compact design
Maintenance free

Comes complete with :-

3 metre cable attached to Solar Panel

Cable with cigarette lighter plug
Cable with battery clamps (crocadile clips)