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Monthly Archives: March 2010

www.BuyaBattery.co.uk are pleased to offer huge savings on the new Panasonic Evoia alkaline batteries, available in AA and AAA sizes in packs of 4. These Panasonic Evoia batteries are perfect for all low, middle and high drain products. The Evoia AA alkaline battery, in particular, has reached an impressive level of performance, appearing in the Guinness World Records as the world’s no.1 long-lasting alkaline AA battery. The patented technology has allowed these Panasonic Evoia batteries to be recognised as a high...
Mar 31, 2010 By Adam Website News
Duracell has launched their new Stay Charged rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, which are pre-charged and ready to use straight from the pack. Formerly known as Active Charge, these new Duracell batteries are now available from rechargeable battery specialists www.BuyaBattery.co.uk. They offer both AA rated at 2000mAh and AAA-rated at 800mAh sizes in packs of 4 with huge discounts. The Duracell Stay Charged battery does what it says on the tin, they stay charged for up to five times longer...
Mar 31, 2010 By Adam Website News

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