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Battery Powered Essentials You Can’t Be Without At A Music Festival

As summer’s finally here, festival season is very much upon us. Thousands of people across the country are preparing to attend festivals such as Parklife, Glastonbury, V Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals and many more. Now is the time to start thinking about the essentials you need to pack to make the most of your festival experience.

batteries for a music festival Music festival essentials

Your phone

Being able to keep in touch with your friends at a festival is extremely important, not only for social involvement, but also for safety, because with large crowds and so many places to explore, it’s easy to get separated. Mobile phone batteries are not generally known for their long life span, so a great tip is to invest in an older or cheap phone to take with you. Old Nokia phones, such as the 3210 or 3310 have batteries which last for days without the need to be recharged. They are also tough little phones that can handle being dropped without breaking. However, if you want to use your phone to take pictures, perhaps it’s wise to take a spare battery for your smartphone!

A torch

If you’re camping over at your festival then you are most likely going to spend a fair bit of time stumbling around in the dark trying to remember where you pitched your tent. A good reliable torch with a long battery life is essential.

A light

The festival experience doesn’t end when the music stops. You will find yourselves sitting outside your tent talking well into the early hours with your festival neighbours. A good quality light – battery powered, of course – or solar light will provide enough light to be able to socialise with your new friends without having to shine a torch into their faces all night. It will also help mark out your tent when you are trying to find it.

A camera

Your festival will whizz by in a blur of good music, good food and good times. If you want to capture lasting memories of your festival experience then you should definitely pack a camera. Snaps of your favourite band or you and your friends enjoying the moment will last a lifetime. There are plenty of things you will only ever see at a festival and you will want to capture each and every one.


A set of Bluetooth speakers is a great item to take to a festival. You may not be ready for the music to end at the end of the night, and who doesn’t enjoy a little after party?

With these five essentials you’re sure to have a ball.


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