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Give your solar light batteries a helping hand

When the idea of using solar power became prominent in talks about energy sources, a lot of households joined in and opted to fit solar panels on their roofs alongside using solar powered lights in their gardens. Of course, living in the UK meant that this transition would not be as smooth as many hoped.

With a severe lack of sunlight throughout the majority of the year, a lot of customers who had so eagerly bought solar light batteries would soon come to realise that their batteries would benefit initially from a little help from a charger. This may sound counterproductive to a lot of readers; using mains power to charge something that is made for solar power does sound ridiculous at first.

However, with solar light batteries having a low capacity and the charger only delivering a low current, suddenly it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea and it will help you to gain more from your solar light in the garden as they gain a small boost from the charger. Solar light batteries will improve and reach their maximum capacity after 4 or 5 cycles.


The battery charger that we offer here at BuyaBattery.co.uk will charge 1 or 2 AA or AAA 1.2V rechargeable solar light batteries, and the LED indicator lets you know that it’s working. Buy your charger here today, and help your solar powered garden lights work even when the sun is hiding!

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