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Make sure you are buying fresh, new batteries

Please be wary of Duracell batteries being sold in plastic tubs. Unfortunately you would have no way of telling if these batteries are brand new or have been partly used. Genuine, brand new batteries come from Duracell sealed in genuine Duracell packaging.

Another thing to watch out for in these plastic tubs is what type of Duracell alkaline batteries are being repacked into them. Duracell Plus Power are the most popular Duracell type sold on the high street, however there are other Duracell batteries such as Simply, Basic and the old Duracell Plus which do not last quite as long as the new Duracell Plus Power range. The latest Duracell Plus Power batteries have Duracell Plus Power printed on the battery, as in the picture below. Best before dates are printed clearly on each original pack of Duracell batteries and also printed on each individual battery.

Do not accept Duracell batteries with 'Original Equipment Accessory' printed on them. These batteries are manufactured specifically for use directly in equipment by manufacturers. Again you would have no idea if these batteries have already been used by the time they find themselves on retail sale.

Please note BuyaBattery only sell Duracell batteries in genuine Duracell packaging, ensuring you receive the newest and freshest stock.



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