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Top 3 Reasons Why a Camera Doorbell is a Good Idea

Installing a smart doorbell for your home can be a great idea if you are hoping to add some extra security and convenience to your property. Whether you are out a lot and don’t want to miss a delivery, or you simply want to know who is visiting you while you’re not there, a smart doorbell can offer some key benefits.

Smart doorbells have many different functions that you may find useful, so long as you have made sure they are powered with the right batteries! The majority of today’s camera doorbells use a specialist size battery, known as 18650. 18650 batteries are rechargeable and come in two versions; one with a raised top, and another with a flat top. Make sure you buy the right one!

So, if you’re thinking about buying a camera doorbell, here are 3 benefits they can bring.

camera doorbell

Extra security

Above everything else, a camera doorbell can provide that much-needed added security for your home. Protecting your home from unwanted visitors may be high on your list, and a camera doorbell may help you to monitor who turns up at your door. In some cases, a camera doorbell may also act as a deterrent for any unwelcome people snooping around!

Installing a smart doorbell provides an extra layer of security, and some models can work together with other security systems within your home, giving you a complete solution. Providing peace of mind whenever you leave the house, you can be confident that you’ll know what’s happening on your doorstep.

Look out for camera systems that use password protection, as this can help to protect your home even further. It is important to change the passwords regularly to stop hackers from accessing your security system.

Convenient features

Some of the latest camera doorbells are equipped with convenient features that allow you really make the most of your new device. Thanks to enhanced connectivity, many smart doorbells will offer features such as facial recognition and send an alert to your smartphone of who is at your door.

A lot of camera doorbells have also been enhanced to offer voice ability, with a two-way system that allows you and the person at your door to speak to each other. This is beneficial if a delivery driver turns up or you have a visitor.

Wireless construction

A wireless device is always easier to set up and use than one that has to be wired in. Some of the best camera doorbells are wireless, meaning you can place them wherever is best suited. For this reason, it’s important that you buy quality batteries for your doorbell system so that you have a long-lasting security solution.

Your camera doorbell can utilise your wi-fi network in order to record footage and store it, which can also allow you to watch it back if necessary. You can set up a multitude of notifications from your doorbell system, including motion alerts, which can be very handy.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in a camera doorbell, make sure you have the right batteries ready. At BuyaBattery, you will also find the right battery charger to keep everything powered and ready to go.

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