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The Ansmann Digi-Charger Vario Pro is the ultimate universal battery charger with LCD Display for Li-Ion battery packs, AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. It also has a USB power source with emergency power supply. This enables you to charge any piece of equipment that comes with a USB charging cable, which includes cameras, MP3s, iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and other mobile phones. In fact this could be the only battery charger you might ever need.

For the most common Li-Ion battery packs and NiMH AA and AAA round cells

High charging currents provide short charging times

Long lifetime of the rechargeable batteries due to an optimum charging control circuit

For the maintenance of USB

USB emergency power supply
Mobile charging of USB applications using an inserted battery pack without connection of the power supply

Faulty cell detection and over charge protection

Worldwide use
Due to the wide range input mains power supply (100-240V) and car adaptor

3 years

Even good things can be improved: The Digicharger Vario is an excellent charger for nearly all Li-Ion battery packs for digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones, but it just got better. With the new Digicharger Vario Pro it is possible to do many more things. A charging current of 1000mA provides short charging-times and contacts that are adjustable in both horizontal and vertical direction make it possible to charge nearly all Li-Ion battery packs, even those with a small contact area. As an additional feature the “Pro” can be used as an energy source for USB applications, for example MP3 or computer devices. If needed, it is possible to use a connected Li-Ion battery pack as an emergency power source for USB devices. The Digicharger Vario Pro, equipped with LCD -display, can be used worldwide (adaptors for EU, UK and USA are in the set) or in-car. ANSMANN provide 3 years warranty.

Part No.: 5025132