Ansmann Photocam III Charger with 4x 2850mAh AA Batteries

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This UK 3-Pin Ansmann Photocam III Battery Charger set includes the microprocessor controlled charger and 4 x Ansmann 2850mAh NiMH AA Batteries. The Ansmann Photocam III charger can charge 2-4 AA or AAA NiMH Batteries. This is the perfect battery charger and very high capacity NiMH AA rechargeable batteries for digital cameras and other high drain equipment. This product is currently on a special offer from, Approved UK Ansmann Distributors. Red LED indicates fast charging, Green LED indicates the termination of fast charging of circular cells . The fully charged batteries are then provided with a trickle charge and can remain in the charger for an unlimited period of time until they are needed.

UK 3-Pin Plug-in charger for 2-4 Micro AAA or Mignon AA cells

Microprocessor control guarantee best charging results independent of capacity, charge status and type of batteries
Fast charge. Charges 2850mAh AA batteries in 5 Hours 45 mins
Protection against reverse polarity
Trickle charge avoids discharge of cells after fast charge
Charging status indicators
3 years warranty

Time to Charge AAA Rechargeable Batteries
AAA 700mAh in 1 Hour 40 minutes
AAA 800mAh in 1 Hour 55 minutes
AAA 1000mAh in 2 Hours 25 minutes
AAA 1100mAh in 2 Hours 40 minutes

Time to Charge AA Rechargeable Batteries
AA 1300mAh in 2 Hours 35 minutes
AA 1700mAh in 3 Hours 25 minutes
AA 2000mAh in 4 Hours
AA 2100mAh in 4 Hours 15 minutes
AA 2300mAh in 4 Hours 35 minutes
AA 2500mAh in 5 Hours
AA 2700mAh in 5 Hours 25 minutes
AA 2850mAh in 5 Hours 45 minutes


More Information

More Information
Chemistry NiMH
Can Charge 4 x AA / AAA
Batteries Included 4 x AA
Fully Automatic Yes
Plug Type UK Mains