Ansmann Photocam III Charger with 4x2100mAh Maxe Batteries

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Ansmann Photocam III Battery Charger set including microprocessor controlled charger for 2-4 AA or AAA NiMH Batteries. The set comes complete with 4x AA Anmann maxE 2100mAh NiMH batteries. Red LED indicates fast charging, Green LED indicates the termination of fast charging of circular cells . The fully charged batteries are then provided with a trickle charge and can remain in the charger for an unlimited period of time until they are needed.

Plug-in charger for 2-4 Micro AAA or Mignon AA cells
Microprocessor control guarantee best charging results independent of capacity, charge status and type of batteries
Fast charge
Protection against reverse polarity
Trickle charge avoids discharge of cells after fast charge
Charging status indicators
3 years warranty
Part No.: 5117003-UK

Time to Charge AAA Rechargeable Batteries
AAA 700mAh in 1 Hour 40 minutes
AAA 800mAh in 1 Hour 55 minutes
AAA 1000mAh in 2 Hours 25 minutes
AAA 1100mAh in 2 Hours 40 minutes

Time to Charge AA Rechargeable Batteries
AA 1300mAh in 2 Hours 35 minutes
AA 1700mAh in 3 Hours 25 minutes
AA 2000mAh in 4 Hours
AA 2100mAh in 4 Hours 15 minutes
AA 2300mAh in 4 Hours 35 minutes
AA 2500mAh in 5 Hours
AA 2700mAh in 5 Hours 25 minutes
AA 2850mAh in 5 Hours 45 minutes