Maglite Rechargeable Torch Complete Kit with Charger

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This is the original halogen version of the Complete Rechargeable Maglite system has now been upgraded to the new Rechargeable LED Maglite with the Multi-Mode Electronic Switch. This new Maglite switch allows you to switch between Full Power, Power Save mode, Strobe, SOS morse code and Momentary On/Off. The Rechargeable Maglite switch can be personalised so you can set up your own switch options. The factory setting is 1 Click for Full Power, 2 Clicks for Power Save (25%) mode, 3 Clicks for Strobe light. This kit includeds the Maglite torch complete with rechargeable Maglite battery together with charging cradle. Also included is the mains adaptor plug and the in-car 12V DC adaptor for charging via mains supply or on the move in a vehicle. Described as Version 4 or System no 4 in the red box, this replaces the previous Version 3. The rechargeable Maglite system comes with a 10 Year warranty on the flashlight and one year guarantee on the battery pack from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover bulb burnout.