Panasonic Ready To Use Rechargeable AA Batteries 4-Pack 1900mAh

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HHR-3MVE Panasonic Ready to Use Rechargeable AA Batteries 1900mAh Ni-MH 4-Pack are now available from BuyaBattery. Panasonic Ready to Use Rechargeable Batteries has replaced the previous Panasonic Evolta 2050mAh AA batteries. They are fully charged on arrival and retain 80% of their charge after 1 year storage. These Panasonic Ready To Use rechargeable AA batteries are Ni-MH and have a high capacity of 1900mAh. This pack contains 4 batteries. P-6/4BC1900 HHR-3MVE/4BC Replaces P-6E/4BC2050 Ni-MH 1.2V batteries.