Uniross Rechargeable Batteries

If you haven't bought Uniross rechargeable batteries before, we hope these little tips will help you choose the right batteries for you. There are three different types of Uniross Rechargeable Batteries all of which are NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). Uniross Standard Rechargeable Batteries which are ideal for everyday items including cordless phones and toys. Uniross Performance Rechargeable Batteries are high capacity and perfect for must have, power hungry gadgets like digital cameras and MP3 players. Finally Uniross Hybrio Rechargeable Batteries. Uniross rechargeable batteries with Hybrio technology are already charged and stay charged longer than the other two options. However their capacity is generally slightly lower than the Uniross performance range but higher than the Standard range. Uniross rechargeable batteries have a capacity rating shown in mAh, the basic rule is the higher the mAh rating the more power the battery can store. If you want to shop for Uniross rechargeable batterie by size (eg AA, AAA) simply bypass these first three options.

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