iPowerUS Ultra Li-Polymer 9V 800mAh Rechargeable Battery Model IP9V-800

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These new ultra high capacity rechargeable Li-Polymer 9V batteries from iPowerUS are designed for use in professional equipment and not ordinary household items. Commonly used in radio mics, wireless monitoring systems, transmitters and receivers. Used throughout the TV, film and music industries these rechargeable lithium-polymer 9V batteries offer a huge 800mAh capacity and a safe and stable power supply. The iPowerUS Li-Polymer 9V 800mAh batteries have proved very popular over the water in the United States and Canada, now they are available here in the UK from Approved iPowerUS UK Distributors. 

We sell these IP9V-800 iPower US batteries in singles but with every 4 batteries you buy, you will receive a free battery holder/caddy for safe storage and transportation.

Please note this battery can ONLY be charged using the iPowerUS FC-9V4LN battery charger with the dual-mode switched to the Li-ion / Li-Polymer setting. Note: Charging with other branded chargers will damage the protection circuit inside the battery. You can buy this charger here.


Nominal capacity - 800mAh
Nominal voltage - 8.4V ~ 6.0V (Working voltage - 8.4V-6.5V)
Discharge end voltage - 6.0V
Charging voltage - 8.4V ± 0.05V
Nominal discharging current - up to 500mA
Over protect protect - 1.50~2.5A
Over voltage protect - 8.50V ± 0.05V 
Low voltage protect - 6.0V (+0.2V/-0.4V)
Internal resistance - ≤ 450mΩ
Storage temperature (centigrade) - 0~40 degree
Charge temperature - 0~40 degree
Discharge temperature -  -10~45 degree
Charge/Discharge cycle life (100 times/3 month) - >65% (>325mAh) 
Dimensions - 25.5 x 16.4 x 47.5mm 

This product carries a 3 months warranty from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, short circuit, and charging with other brand chargers. (* Note: Charging with other brand chargers will damage the protection circuit inside the battery.)


More Information
Battery Size 9V
Pack Size 1
Chemistry Li-Polymer
Capacity 800mAh