Procell C Batteries (Box of 50) Bulk Trade 1.5V LR14 MN1400

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Procell C batteries in boxes of 50 are professional alkaline batteries, used in a wide range of industries. Bulk packed Procell C batteries reduce packaging and make it quick and easier for engineers to replace large quantities of batteries in equipment. New Procell C batteries are an improved version of their predecessors and can help to reduce the number of battery replacements, therefore increasing profitability for businesses. We are proud to be Official Distributors of Procell batteries, with fresh new stock guaranteed. Our best before dates are listed below. The Procell C size battery is also known LR14, MN1400, PC1400, ID1400. If you need any technical help please do not hesitate to give our team a call.

C Procell Battery Technical Data 

  • Typical Voltage 1.5V
  • Nominal Capacity 8100mAh
  • Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 54°C
  • Maximum Diameter 26.2mm
  • Maximum Height 50.0mm
  • Typical Weight 69g
  • Recommended Storage Area : clean, cool, dry and ventilated
  • Recommended Storage Temperatue : 5°C to 30°C
  • System Alkaline Manganese Dioxide
  • BuyaBattery C Procell Best Before Date Mar 2027
  • Cross References LR14 MN1400 PC1400 ID1400
  • Procell Material 5007609
  • Country of Origin : Belgium
More Information
Battery Size C
Pack Size 50
Voltage 1.5V
Chemistry Alkaline