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  • Uniross Nomad Battery Charger 2AA 2AAA USB U0222020 Uniross Nomad Battery Charger 2AA 2AAA USB U0222020

Uniross Nomad Battery Charger 2AA 2AAA USB U0222020

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The Uniross Nomad Battery Charger is one of the best all round battery chargers on the market. The Uniross U0222030 Nomad charger comes complete with 2 x AA and 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries. This charger from Uniross is called a Nomad charger due to its ability to charge other USB devices whilst on the move. So, for instance, you charge up the batteries in charger and the Nomad charger then becomes a portable power source for charging any device that comes with its own USB lead. Ideal for that extra power for mobile phones whilst camping.

Charge the batteries in the Uniross Nomad battery charger through the mains or on the move through the in-car charging adaptor.

Also the rechargeable batteries that come with the Uniross Nomad battery charger are the very latest type of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries with Hybrio technology. This means they are fully charged on purchase and also they stay charged for up to 12 months when not in use. Not to mention you still have the 2 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries to use in any of your equipment. This charger also accepts voltage from 100V - 240V so it can be used all around the world.

Charging times are quite quick, the 2100mAh NiMH AA batteries included charge up in around 4 hours 15 minutes. The 800mAh NiMH AAA batteries charge up in just 1 hour 30 minutes.

On special offer at this price whilst stocks last only.

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