BT Cordless Phone Batteries

Welcome to, we are UK specialists in replacement BT Cordless Phone Batteries. We stock all types from 1.2V AAA rechargeable batteries, 2.4V, 3.6V and 3.7V rechargeable battery packs. Simply browse our range of rechargeable BT Cordless Phone Batteries by phone model. The best advice to help you choose the best BT phone batteries is to replace like with like. For instance, if the old batteries in your phone are rechargeable NiMH AAA 1.2V 550mah, then we would recommend you replace them with NiMH AAA1.2V 550mAh batteries. NiMH are the chemicals that make up the battery (Nickel Metal Hydride). 1.2V is the voltage. AAA denotes the physical battery size. 550mAh is the capacity rating of that particular battery. Think of this as the amount of charge the battery can hold. This mAh capacity rating will be printed on your old batteries. If you search by model you will find the correct recommended batteries listed. We are constantly updating our range of BT Cordless Phone Batteries to ensure the latest models are available to buy online here quickly and easily. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.