Varta Batteries and Accessories

Varta batteries have been in production for more than 130 years, supplying a range of quality batteries, chargers and torches. Varta is one of Europe’s biggest consumer battery manufacturers, renowned for innovative battery solutions that make your life easier. You will find a range of Varta batteries including alkaline, lithium, rechargeable and specialist sizes. We also sell the range of Varta Industrial Pro batteries, which are bulk packed and available at wholesale prices.

Varta batteries can provide long-lasting power for both low and high-drain devices. Varta is heavily invested in research and development, to ensure batteries provide top performance for industrial and professional applications, as well as consumer use. Here at BuyaBattery we are proud to be dedicated UK distributors of Varta batteries, offering an impressive range of products. Browse the Varta battery range here, as well as Varta battery chargers and other accessories.