Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are an incredibly convenient solution if you use batteries on a regular basis. If you use devices including DAB radios, digital cameras or kids' toys, using rechargeable batteries will definitely benefit you. Offering great value for money, they provide high performance for your devices. We sell standard rechargeable batteries, which are perfect for everyday low drain devices such as TV remotes or clocks. We can also offer high capacity rechargeable batteries, which can be used in high drain devices like digital cameras or games consoles.

Rechargeable batteries are the best solution for keeping your power-hungry devices charged up and ready to go. We also offer pre-charged rechargeable batteries, that arrive ready to use from the pack. They also benefit from a low self-discharge rate.

Saving yourself time and money, rechargeable batteries are handy, and we have a huge range of battery chargers to choose from too. Many rechargeable batteries can be charged hundreds of times, making them a valuable investment. Please note there are many different kinds available here, both in size and capacity. The higher mAh capacity rating, the longer the batteries will last between recharges. If you are still not sure which rechargeable batteries are suitable for your needs, don’t hesitate to ask.