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BT AAA Cordless Phone Batteries

Here you will find replacement rechargeable AAA batteries for BT Phones. It is quite normal for the charge capacity of rechargeable AAA BT cordless phone batteries to reduce with time as they wear out, giving you less and less standby and talk time. Once you notice this happening it is probably time to replace the batteries. The best advice to help you choose the correct batteries is to replace like with like. For example, if your BT cordless phone had AAA NiMH 1.2V 550mAh rechargeable batteries in before then replace them with the same size, voltage, type and capacity. AAA is the physical size of the battery. 1.2V is simply the voltage. Type NiMH is the chemical make up of the battery - Nickel Metal Hydride. Capacity is shown as a mAh rating on AAA BT cordless phone batteries eg 550mAh. This is the amount of charge the battery can hold. It is quite acceptable to replace your AAA 1.2V NiMH batteries with a slightly different capacity, but we wouldn't recommend going much higher or lower than those currently fitted in the phone. Also it doesn't matter what name is on the old batteries, you can use any brand of quality rechargeable cordless phone batteries in your BT cordless telephone.

When replacing BT cordless telephone batteries please charge the new ones for a minimum period the very first time, usually 24 hours. Please also note that new rechargeable cordless phone batteries do not reach their full capacity until they have been in normal use for several days. To get the best from your cordless phone batteries leave the handset off the base for a few hours at a time. Running the batteries right down once a month will help them last as long as possible.