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Festival Phone Chargers

Here you will find our range of festival phone chargers. An essential piece of kit that an increasing number of people are not leaving home without. There can be little worse than your phone battery going flat whilst you are in a field with no plug socket in your tent! Our range of festival phone chargers, shown below, vary in capacity.The capacity is amount of power the portable phone charger will store; the higher the capacity the more times you can charge you mobile phone whilst enjoying the festival, which means no queuing up at charging stations. All the festival phone chargers below have a 1000mA output current which makes them fast chargers. The GP range have a 4-level battery protection system for maximum safety. They are also RoHS compliant.

Hopefully some of these festival phone battery survival tips below may help save some of your phone battery life  :-

  • Close down all your apps
  • Switch off push email 
  • Use the internet as little as possible
  • Turn your Wi-Fi off
  • Dim the brightness of your screen
  • Turn off vibrate
  • Turn off Auto-Sync of data
  • Turn Bluetooth off
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