Solar Light Batteries AA AAA

AA and AAA Range

Make sure your outdoor solar lights are always performing at their best, with rechargeable batteries that are not only more environmentally-friendly than ordinary ones, but also have the ability to last longer too. There’s no need to settle for weak lighting any longer, as the NiMH solar light batteries from BuyaBattery are sure to do their bit at illuminating the garden – with these specialist rechargeables which are available in a range of sizes and capacities. Choose replacement solar light batteries from a stockist that supplies them in a variety of pack sizes, according to what you need, and ensure your solar lights are ready for when you really want to use them. It is worth checking to see that the LEDs or bulbs within your lights are working properly, and if not, update them with these top quality rechargeable batteries.

If you are unsure what size battery you need, we have included the approximate dimensions of the different batteries here to help make your selection easier:

AA - Height: 50.5mm Diameter: 14.5mm
AAA - Height: 44.5mm Diameter: 10.5mm
2/3 AA - Height: 31mm Diameter: 14.5mm
2/3 AAA - Height: 30mm Diameter: 10.5mm