Solar Light Batteries AA AAA

AA, AAA, 2/3 AA and 2/3 AAA Range

Each spring we clear up our gardens and check our outdoor garden solar lights. You may find that your garden lights are not working as well as the year before. In order for your solar lights to work successfully, they need 4 working parts: a battery, solar panel, light sensor and a bulb or LED. If your solar lights aren't working, you could check the condition of your bulbs or LEDs first. To do this, simply put an ordinary non-rechargeable battery in the light and place it in a dark room to activate the sensor. If the light works, then the problem may be the batteries. Try replacing your rechargeable solar light batteries for new ones.

Some helpful tips for improving performance include cleaning the solar panel periodically to allow maximum sunlight and positioning the solar lights directly in the sunlight. If you are storing your solar lights away during the winter months, take the batteries out as this will help to give them a longer life. Charging the batteries in a separate charger prior to storage will also help.

Here at BuyaBattery we offer upgraded NiMH rechargeable batteries which replace the old NiCd batteries. NiMH batteries are longer lasting and more environmentally friendly than NiCd batteries, which are no longer available. We recommend replacing your batteries with similar capacity batteries. It is also important to order the correct voltage and right size batteries. We sell the popular 1.2 Volt AA and AAA sizes, but you will also find the smaller 1.2V 2/3 AA and AAA sizes below. You can buy your batteries in a range of quantities, from singles to packs of 12.

If you are unsure what size battery you need, we have included the approximate dimensions of the different batteries here to help make your selection easier:

AA - Height: 50.5mm Diameter: 14.5mm            AAA - Height: 44.5mm Diameter: 10.5mm
2/3 AA - Height: 31mm Diameter: 14.5mm         2/3 AAA - Height: 30mm Diameter: 10.5mm