Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charger 1001-0004-UK

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Firstly just to let you know we are Official Ansmann stockists so you know you have the full support of ourselves, Ansmann and their Guarantee. The brand new Ansmann Energy 16 PLUS battery charger will charge all 5 popular sizes of rechargeable batteries, AA AAA C D and 9V PP3. The ultimate professional mains desk top Ansmann Energy 16 Plus battery charger is microprocessor controlled. The faster Ansmann Energy 16 Plus battery charger is the latest model and replaces the Energy 16 model. The new version does everything the old model did but faster and now comes with 2 x USB charging ports for Smartphones, iPhones or any device that comes with a USB charging cable.

This ultra fast high tech charger also has an automatic refresh/discharge function and most advanced charging technology guarantee optimum condition of rechargeable cells. The charger also quick tests each battery to check the capacity of rechargeable cells simply by inserting them for 10 seconds. No batteries included. This battery charger can charge up to 12 x AA batteries, 12 x AAA batteries, 6 x C, 6 x D or 2 x 9V-PP3 size rechargeable batteries in different combinations. Charge just one battery if you need to, each charging slot is independent. Suitable for NiCd & NiMH batteries. Intelligent microprocessor controlled. Switch mode power supply for worldwide use AC100-240V. Led indicators. Faulty cell detection. Automatic refreshing function. Charges each battery independently. Charges 2500mAh NiMH AA in 3 hours. Three year warranty. Buy with confidence, are Official Ansmann Energy Stockists. Ansmann Part Number 1001-0004-UK. Order before 3pm and we will dispatch today (Mon-Fri)

Energy 16+ Time to Charge AAA Rechargeable Batteries
AAA 700mAh in 2 Hours 10 minutes
AAA 800mAh in 2 Hours 25 minutes
AAA 1000mAh in 3 Hours
AAA 1100mAh in 3 Hours 20 minutes

Energy 16+ Time to Charge AA Rechargeable Batteries
AA 1300mAh in 1 Hour 35 minutes
AA 1700mAh in 2 Hours
AA 2000mAh in 2 Hours 25 minutes
AA 2100mAh in 2 Hours 30 minutes
AA 2300mAh in 2 Hours 45 minutes
AA 2500mAh in 3 Hours
AA 2700mAh in 3 Hours 15 minutes
AA 2850mAh in 3 Hours 25 minutes

Energy 16+ Time to Charge C Rechargeable Batteries
C 2200mAh in 2 Hours 40 minutes
C 2500mAh in 3 Hours
C 4500mAh in 5 Hours 25 minutes

Energy 16+ Time to Charge D Rechargeable Batteries
D 2200mAh in 2 Hours 40 minutes
D 5000mAh in 6 Hours
D 8500mAh in 10 Hours 15 minutes
D 10,000mAh in 12 Hours

Energy 16+ Time to Charge 9V Rechargeable Batteries
9V 170mAh in 3 Hours 25 minutes
9V 200mAh in 4 Hours
9V 250mAh in 5 Hours
9V 300mAh in 6 Hours

Charging Currents

AA 12 x 1000mA

AAA 12 x 400mA

C 6 x 1000mA

D 6 x 1000mA

9V 2 x 60mA






More Information

More Information
Chemistry NiMH
Can Charge AA / AAA / C / D / 9V
Batteries Included None
Fully Automatic Yes
Plug Type UK Mains