3.6V Sanik Cordless Phone Battery 3SNAAA60HSJ1 NIMH 600mAh

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This battery part number came with more than one type of plug so please check the plug very carefully to check it is the same as the one on your battery. Rechargeable NiMH cordless phone battery. Part Number 3SN-AAA60H-S-J1 3SNAAA60HSJ1 BC101276. The most important part to check is the plug and the polarity of the wires. Please look at the close up picture of the plug to make sure it matches exactly. Also check the wire are the correct way round. The new NiMH version replaces the old NiCd version. Not suitable for Binatone E3500 phone or Binatone E3600 phone. This battery also replaces 3SN-AAA55H-S-J1, 3SN-AAA65H-S-J1, 3SN-AAA70H-S-J1 and 3SN-AAA75H-S-J1 GB311824

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More Information
Pack Size 1
Voltage 3.6V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 600mAh
Rechargeable? Yes