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  • 4 x iPowerUS Li-Polymer Rechargeable 9V 700mAh Batteries & FC-9V4LN Charger Kit 4 x iPowerUS Li-Polymer Rechargeable 9V 700mAh Batteries & FC-9V4LN Charger Kit

4 x iPowerUS Li-Polymer Rechargeable 9V 700mAh Batteries & FC-9V4LN Charger Kit

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Here you will find an iPowerUS kit that includes 4 x iPowerUS 9V 700mAh batteries and an FC-9V4LN charger. The iPowerUS fast smart 9V battery charger has a UK 3-pin plug and is the only charger that will charge the extremely high capacity iPowerUS 700mAh 9V rechargeable li-polymer batteries. Please note these batteries are for use in professional equipment and not ordinary household devices. They are used particularly in the TV, film and music industries. The charger has 4 independent charging channels and can therefore charge 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries at once. Individual LED indicators let you know the status of each battery - constant red for charging, constant green means full, flashing red or flashing green indicates a bad battery and lets you know a non-rechargeable battery has been connected.

The iPowerUS FC-9V4LN battery charger has a dual mode and can charge either Li-polymer or NiMH batteries, simply by flicking the switch on the side. Do NOT charge different types of batteries at the same time. (For instance do not mix Li-polymer and NiMH). Please read the operational instructions included.

This iPowerUS FC-9V4LN is super fast and will charge your 9V 700mAh li-polymer batteries in around 100-110 minutes. The charging kit also includes an in-car 12V-DC charging cable and a battery caddy to store your batteries in safely.

Output current of charger: DC14V - 12V, 1.0A
In Car Charging Cable 12V-DC included in this UK version.

Fast charging times:

9V Li-Ion (Li-Polymer) battery 350-400mAh / 40-60 minutes
9V Li-Ion (Li-Polymer) battery 500-520mAh / 70-80 minutes
9V Li-Ion (Li-Polymer) battery 700mAh / 100-110 minutes
9V NiMH battery 200-250mAh / 90-150 minutes
9V NiCd battery 100-150mAh / 60-120 minutes

Specification for batteries:

Nominal capacity - 700mAh
Nominal voltage - 8.4V ~ 6.0V (Working voltage - 8.4V-6.0V)
Discharge end voltage - 6.0V
Charging voltage - 8.4V ± 0.05V
Nominal discharging current - up to 500mA
Over protect protect - 1.50~2.5A
Over voltage protect - 8.50V ± 0.05V 
Low voltage protect - 6.0V (+0.2V/-0.4V)
Internal resistance - ≤ 450mΩ
Storage temperature (centigrade) - 0~40 degree
Charge temperature - 0~40 degree
Discharge temperature -  -10~45 degree
Charge/Discharge cycle life (100 times/3 month) - >65% (>325mAh) 
Dimensions - 25.5 x 16.4 x 47.5mm 

Additional Information

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