Replacement Tomy TDV450 Baby Monitor Battery Pack 3.6V 2000mAh Ni-MH UK

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Buy a replacement Tomy TDV450 digital video baby monitor battery pack here in the UK from a specialist battery company. It is ideal for the Tomy TDV450 video baby monitor. This replacement Tomy TDV450 Baby Monitor Battery pack (TPN44) is exactly the correct specifications. 3.6V is simply the voltage. Ni-MH stands for Nickel Metal Hydride, these are the chemicals that make up the battery. 2000mAh is the capacity of the battery, this is the amount of charge the battery can hold and also the correct capacity recommended by the manufacturer. Beware of batteries with a lower capacity than required. Finally the Tomy TDV450 battery connector plug, this brand new battery comes with the exact single connector plug and not a dual universal version. You can order replacement Tomy TDV450 Baby Monitor batteries online or by telephone. TPN44 GB320824

More Information
Pack Size 1
Voltage 3.6V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 2000mAh
Rechargeable? Yes