5M702BMX NiMH Battery for BT Verve 410 450 Phone 2.4V

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5M702BMX NiMH Battery for BT Verve 410 and 450 cordless telephones 2.4V. This battery has the correct fitting plug and replaces the GP 5M702BMX NiMH Battery. The thin cells that make up this flat, almost square 5M702BMX NiMH battery are called prismatic cells. If you have the BT Verve 410 or 450 Twin, Trio or Quad sets don't forget to increase the number of batteries you need. Dimensions 35.6mm x 32.3mm x 6.5mm. A helpful tip when putting new batteries into the phone is to ensure the plug is inserted correctly, tuck in the wires and carefully close the battery compartment cover so you don't trap the wires. Then place the phone on the base unit and charge the first time for a minimum of 20 hours. Your phone is then ready to use, just like brand new.
More Information
Pack Size 1
Voltage 2.4V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 600mAh
Rechargeable? Yes