BT Synergy 2200 2210 2220 2250 Battery 2.4V 600mAh GP55AAAH2BMX

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The correct fitting replacement phone battery for the Synergy 2200, Synergy 2210, Synergy 2220, Synergy 2250. It also fits the BT Synergy 2100, Synergy 2120, Synergy 2150, BT Synergy 2000, Synergy 2010, Synergy 2020and Synergy 2300. The same battery also fits the Cable and Wireless CWD250 and Cable & Wireless CWD650 cordless phones. The battery is the new direct replacement for the Uniross BC101686 34H battery, GP 55AAAH2BMX, NC2235, Energizer CP13 CP13NM and Varta T358 battery. This NiMH phone battery is 2.4V 600mAh and has the correct plug. When replacing your phone batteries, please charge the battery through the base for a minimum of 20 hours the first time you charge them. BT Item Code 871996
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Pack Size 1
Voltage 2.4V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 600mAh
Rechargeable? Yes