Binatone E3300 Cordless Phone Battery NiMH 3.6V 300mAh

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The exact fit relacement battery for the Binatone E3300 cordless phone. Sanik Ni-MH Battery 3SN2/3AAA30HSJP1 3.6v 300mAh. These genuine Sanik batteries were fitted by Binatone to the brand new E3300 cordless telephones at the factory. The last four numbers printed on the battery after 3.6V 300mAh are a date code. So for example 0742, would mean the battery was manufactured in week 42 of 2007. When you buy new Binatone E3300 batteries please make sure you charge them initially for 15 hours.
More Information
Pack Size 1
Voltage 3.6V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 300mAh
Rechargeable? Yes