iDect X1 Phone Battery 2/3 AAA 1.2V 400mAh Sanik Rechargeable

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iDect X1 Batteries. The iDect X1 telephone and iDect X1i phone came with genuine Sanik 2/3AAA size rechargeable NiMH batteries rated at 400mAh. Quite unique and unusual these miniature rechargeable iDect X1 batteries were quite difficult to get hold of before were appointed Official UK retailers, all our stock is guaranteed brand new. Brand new stock comes heat shrink wrapped in pairs from the factory. Each iDect cordless phone handset has two Sanik branded iDect X1 batteries in, so if you ordering one set please order 2 batteries. These Sanik batteries are suitable for all the iDect X1 handsets, so if you have the iDect X1 single handset, iDect X1 Twin, iDect X1 Trio or iDect X1 Quad, iDect X1i Twin, iDect X1i Trio or iDect X1i Quad, please check the total number of batteries you need, we normally sell these in even numbers. Size 2/3 AAA (two thirds the length of a normal AAA) Length 30mm, Voltage 1.2V, Capacity 400mAh. Please note the phone manufacturers insisted on Sanik quality so when buying replacement new iDect X1 batteries please insist they are Sanik branded batteries. BuyaBattery will only supply you the genuine original quality Sanik batteries. It is important to charge your new Sanik 2/3AAA batteries fully, when you have inserted the new batteries place the phone on the cradle or base unit and charge for 15 hours.

More Information

More Information
Battery Size 2/3AAA
Pack Size 1
Voltage 1.2V
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 400mAh