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Choosing the Best Batteries for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably in the midst of your Christmas shopping for family and friends. Whether you’ve got young children, elderly grandparents or teenage nieces and nephews, shopping for presents can often be stressful. Many gifts such as gadgets and toys don’t come with batteries included, meaning you have an extra job on your list. Likewise, you might receive presents that don’t come with them either!

batteries for christmas

With that in mind, it’s a good time to stock up on some much-needed battery power. But which type should you buy? At BuyaBattery, we’re on hand to help you choose the right batteries for your needs.

Batteries for toys

Most toys and other children-friendly products won’t come with battery power included, so you’ll likely have to source your own to make sure the recipient can play with their toys as soon as the wrapping paper is ripped off!

Most toys and gadgets will take AA or AAA sizes, but make sure you are buying quality, genuine batteries. Look for advanced battery technology, which means that many now come with improved power and shelf life. Long-lasting power is key when it comes to powering kids’ toys; you don’t want them running down after only a few hours!

Duracell Ultra Power, for example, have more concentrated power than Plus Power and have been equipped with Duralock which enables them to last up to 10 years when not in use.

Similarly, GP Batteries also offer an Ultra range that offer high performance in a variety of devices including portable devices and remote controlled toys.

GP Ultra AA batteries

If you notice that your toy needs a specialist size battery, you might worry they are more difficult to find; not at BuyaBattery!

Batteries for remotes

You might be treated to a new TV or other electronic device that comes with a new remote, which of course needs to be powered somehow. While you might use your remote every day, it is known as a low drain device, so look for a battery type that is best suited for that requirement.

Depending on the type of remote, you will likely either need AA or coin cell batteries such as CR2032.

Duracell CR2032

Batteries for digital cameras and electronic games

If you’ve received or are giving a digital camera, games console or other similar device for Christmas, you should consider investing in rechargeable batteries. Dependable power is key here and it’s likely that you’ll wear them down quickly in a device such as a camera or wireless controller. Look for pre-charged rechargeable batteries that you can use straight from the pack.

Duracell AA batteries

Instead of burning through packets of disposable, alkaline types, invest in a quality pack of rechargeable batteries that you can recharge hundreds of times. Consider having a spare set that are charged ready for when the set in the device run out.

Devices like this are known as high drain, so choosing the rechargeable kind means you’ll get long-lasting performance, and you’ll save a bit of money too!

Don’t get caught short this Christmas; make sure you’re prepared ahead of time with the right batteries to power your new gadgets.

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