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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Choosing batteries for a hearing aid isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds. When people are looking for their first hearing aid, they often assume that as long as the battery is compatible, then the best option is to go for the longest lasting battery available, which isn’t always the best choice. Regardless of quality issues, doing this can result in some people actually making the mistake of buying the wrong hearing aid for their needs. Hearing aid devices differ...
Sep 19, 2014 By The BuyaBattery Team Battery Advice
GP Batteries have launched a brand new battery charger known as the GP PowerBank Premium PB50 here in the UK with a three-pin plug. Described as a 2 hour charger, this new battery charger comes with 4 x 2600mAh GP rechargeable AA batteries, making this charger set ideal for high energy devices such as digital cameras or high usage devices such as game controllers. With coloured LED icons to indicate individual battery charging status, this PB50 charger will charge 850mAh...
Sep 3, 2014 By The BuyaBattery Team Battery Chargers

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