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Eneloop Batteries: Eco-Friendly Batteries for Every Product

Built on the concept of a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, Eneloop batteries have been developed as a response to the impact that batteries can have on the environment. With so many batteries a year ending up in the landfill each year, our waste is having a detrimental effect on our surroundings.

Panasonic Eneloop has built on the latest technology to combine the advantages of rechargeable batteries and dry-cell batteries, bringing you a range of batteries with a number of benefits. Thanks to improved technology in the battery industry, Eneloop is an environmentally-friendly answer.

eneloop batteries

Working around the ideas of recharge and reuse, Eneloop batteries bring benefits to both you as a user as well as the environment.

How are Eneloop batteries different?

Combining various features such as low long term cost and the ability to be stored for a long time, Eneloop batteries are playing a part in the reduction of disposable waste. With approximately 20,000 tonnes of batteries being sent to the landfill each year, Eneloop offer an alternative.

There are 3 ranges within Eneloop, providing a battery for every product. Eneloop Pro is perfect for those high drain devices, while Eneloop is ideal for mid-high drain. Eneloop Lite have been designed for low drain devices. With a battery to suit every need, Eneloop batteries are a realistic solution for the conscious customer.

eneloop pro batteries

What are the benefits?

Promoting the idea of recharging your batteries and reusing them, Eneloop batteries have a number of features that you may be interested in. They are pre-charged using solar energy at the factory, so that your batteries arrive ready to use.

They also benefit from a very low self-discharge rate. Eneloop Pro batteries will maintain 85% of their charge, even after a year of storage. The basic Eneloop range can retain 70% of their charge after 5 years of storage, while Eneloop Lite can retain the same amount after 3 years.

Eneloop batteries have superior performance; still working at temperatures as low as -20°C while still maintaining that low self-discharge rate. Able to be recharged up to 2100 times, you could even be saving yourself money in the long run!

eneloop lite batteries

With a number of battery chargers on the way too, Eneloop is certainly a brand to look out for when considering which rechargeable batteries to use. Check out our range today!

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