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How Energizer Came to Own Rayovac

You will probably already have heard of both Rayovac and Energizer; two battery brands that deliver reliable power for your devices. Rayovac is particularly well-known for its range of hearing aid batteries, while Energizer was the brand behind the world’s first battery in the 1800s.

In 2019, Rayovac and Energizer joined forces under the same company, allowing Energizer to continue its strong portfolio of battery brands. In our latest blog, we’ll take a look at the history of these two companies and how they have evolved to where they are today.

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The history of Rayovac

Rayovac’s history dates back to the early 1900s, and the company was known as The French Battery Company. It was renamed to The Rayovac Company in 1934. By 1937, Rayovac had patented the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid, and pioneered scientific methods to test hearing.

Rayovac batteries have been heavily involved in the war efforts in both WWI and WWII, supplying power for devices like flashlights, radios and mine detectors. Rayovac batteries were also used on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour in the 90s.

In 2005, the Rayovac brand was owned by Spectrum Brands as the company continued to diversify its brands. Spectrum is now home to a number of well-known brands such as Russell Hobbs, Remington and Black & Decker.

The history of Energizer

The company behind Energizer began as the Eveready Battery Company, another name you may be familiar with. The company eventually became Energizer Holdings. Similarly to Spectrum Brands, Energizer began to expand its brand portfolio with personal care brands such as Wilkinson Sword razors.

In 2014, Energizer Holdings split the business in two in order to focus better on the different aspects. One side focused on batteries and flashlights, while the other would focus on personal care.

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Buying Rayovac

In 2019, a deal was finalised for Energizer Holdings to buy Rayovac from Spectrum Brands. This gave Energizer Holdings a chance to drive further success for these brands, and allowed Spectrum Brands to hone their focus on home appliances.

The batteries you know and use have not changed since the sale. Rayovac batteries continue to offer an industry-leading selection of products, including hearing aid batteries and watch batteries.

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