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The Latest Battery Update from Duracell

Duracell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries, and is constantly striving to deliver better products through innovation and technology. With long-lasting power solutions for almost every application, Duracell is a battery brand that continually gives us new and improved updates through its battery ranges.

The most recent update is the change of packaging and product names for Duracell Plus Power and Duracell Ultra Power.

These products will now become known as Duracell Plus and Duracell Ultra respectively making our choice clearer. With the same impressive features as previously, the newly branded batteries are still just as effective as they have always been.

Duracell Plus batteries

Duracell technology

Duracell Plus batteries are suited for everyday devices, providing multi-purpose power with up to 50% more power. With additional leakage protection, Duracell Plus are equipped with a superior nylon closure to prevent leaking.

As always, the newly branded Duracell Plus batteries are still built with Duralock technology.

For a more advanced battery solution, Duracell Ultra can deliver up to 100% more power. Built with unique Powercheck technology, you’re able to press the two dots on the battery to test how much remaining power there is.

What’s more, the rebranded Ultra batteries also have the same leakage protection and Duralock technology.

Duracell Ultra batteries

Continuing to build on the Duracell brand

As one of the world’s biggest battery manufacturers, Duracell continuously improves its technology and battery safety, both for the general public and for trade use. This latest update from the brand demonstrates that Duracell are continually looking at new ways to deliver their power solutions.

In an industry where responsible use is key, Duracell have also launched a campaign to promote the recycling of batteries. A life-sized elephant structure made from around 30,000 used batteries was revealed at a zoo in London earlier this year, highlighting just how many batteries end up in the landfill instead of being recycled.

recycling batteries
Look out for the updated packaging and product names being rolled out over the next few months!

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