Energizer Recharge Pro Battery Charger with 4 x AA 2000mAh Batteries

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The new charger from Energizer is the Recharge Pro battery charger, suitable for AA and AAA batteries. It is able to charge 2 or 4 AA/AAA batteries and comes with 4 x AA batteries at 2000mAh capacity. The Energizer Recharge Pro battery charger plugs straight into the mains with its UK 3-pin plug. It also has an auto shut-off function. Indicators on the front of the charger include visual and audio aids to let you know the status of your batteries. A red light means your batteries are charging and an audible beep will sound when charging begins. A yellow light means your batteries are at 50% and still charging, and a green light means charging is complete; your batteries are full and another beep will sound upon completion. If a bad battery has been detected, a repetitive beep will sound and a red 'X' will illuminate on the charger. Part number ENE639838.

Charging times:

AA batteries

1300mAh - 3 hours
2000mAh - 4 hours
2300mAh - 5 hours
2400mAh - 5 hours

AAA batteries

500mAh - 4 hours
700mAh - 4 hours
800mAh - 4 hours