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Hearing Aid Batteries and Longevity

Choosing batteries for a hearing aid isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds. When people are looking for their first hearing aid, they often assume that as long as the battery is compatible, then the best option is to go for the longest lasting battery available, which isn’t always the best choice. Regardless of quality issues, doing this can result in some people actually making the mistake of buying the wrong hearing aid for their needs.

Hearing aid devices differ greatly, as does the size and specification of the batteries for them. It’s vitally important that when you purchase a hearing aid, you buy the model that’s most appropriate for your hearing loss.

Quality is important too

However, while there’s nothing worse than a battery running out of power at a bad moment, quality is just as important. This is because low quality batteries can affect power output, leading to volume discrepancies. As a result, the sound you hear is degraded. So sometimes buying the battery with the longest life can be a false economy.

Depending on the type and model, most hearing aid batteries will last between a few days and three weeks. However, you will find that quality will differ hugely between the various products out there. Some companies put a lot of work into quality assurance processes to ensure their batteries perform better. Digital imaging, for instance, can make a big difference to the end product.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Which is why many hearing experts recommend Rayovac. At three to four days’ usage per battery, these batteries offer both long life and quality. And, they come in bulk packs at a very competitive price compared to other makes.

The big benefit here is, due to a reliable and consistent flow of power (1.4v), users experience fewer dropouts and inaccuracies in sound reproduction. So, for many people, carrying around a few spares often works out as a much better deal than opting for other well-known brands such as Duracell. It’s worth pointing out that Rayovac are specialists in the hearing aid field and also manufacture batteries for cochlear hearing aids.

When choosing your next hearing aid battery, bear in mind that not all hearing aids are the same and always check the battery specification and the instructions that came with your hearing aid before purchasing.

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