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A brief look at AA battery chargers

Battery charger models come in different types and they also differ according to the number of batteries they charge. Many battery chargers come with support for a combination of AAA or AA batteries. The chargers are priced according to the brand and the speed that they can fully charge a battery. AA battery charger The AA battery charger is usually used to charge NiMH batteries or NiCd batteries. The term AA refers to the size and type of the battery. You can also get chargers specifically for other sizes of battery, such as AAA. Using an AA battery charger is cost-effective when you find you are using batteries for your music player, digital player, wall clocks, toys and other household items. It’s surprising how many batteries you end up going through over a short period of time. Types of AA battery chargers There are various types of AA battery chargers. Some are fast chargers while some are ‘overnight’ chargers. The overnight AA battery chargers are so named because the user is required to leave the device for a longer time period, usually 8 or so hours, to charge their batteries. A good feature of many AA battery chargers is that they do not allow the batteries to get overcharged. If batteries get overcharged, then this shortens their shelf-life. Most AA battery chargers come with a capacity for four rechargeable batteries. However, there are also chargers that come with just 2 spaces, or sometimes even 8 and upwards.

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