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A Guide to the Latest Advanced Battery Technology

These days, batteries are much more advanced than ever before. As battery technology continues to develop and improve over time, the solutions offered by the leading manufacturers become more impressive. However, it can often mean that it’s difficult to choose the right battery for your needs, thanks to so many different features that modern batteries now come with.

At BuyaBattery, we aim to try and help you choose your batteries wisely. Whether they are alkaline or rechargeable, the technology involved in creating batteries continues to progress and new labels appear.

Looking on the packaging of the latest batteries, you will often see additions to the basic brand name; for example, Panasonic Pro Power and Duracell Plus Power Duralock. So, we offer a little insight in helping you understand the latest battery technology.

Longer power preserve

Batteries of the past would tend to lose power over time, particularly ordinary zinc-carbon batteries. This is because they contain fewer active ingredients and the energy is lost as chemical reactions take place. Now, as battery technology has continued to improve, there are a number of batteries out there that are renowned for keeping their power for longer.

This is particularly useful if you keep spare batteries. For example, Energizer Ultimate lithium can hold their power for up to 20 years. However, the most popular batteries we all use are alkaline. Duracell’s Duralock Power Preserve Technology used in their popular alkaline range is one such development that has improved power storage. Several times more efficient than other batteries without similar technology, the concentrated power is protected by a durable construction. This results in the batteries preserving their power for up to 10 years.

Similar technology is used across a number of brands. Varta Hi Energy Alkaline can also last for up to 10 years in storage, as can the Panasonic Pro Power Alkaline range.

battery technology

Anti-leakage battery technology

Over recent years, there has also been a huge development in anti-leakage technology. Protecting your batteries and devices, this technology is incredibly important from a safety aspect. For example, Energizer’s No Leaks Guaranteed means that you can rely on your batteries. Panasonic Pro Power batteries also contain crucial anti-leak protection technology that suppress gas build up; which means less chance of rupture within the battery.

Providing dependable energy for your devices, you can relax knowing that your batteries are safer than ever before.

Best, better, good

Another impressive feature of today’s technology is the concept of different battery types for different usage. No longer one-size-fits-all, there are a number of different ranges depending on what you need batteries for.

For example, Duracell Ultra Power are ideal for high drain and intense use while Plus Power are great for everyday equipment that is used regularly. Duracell Basic and Simply are designed perfectly for low drain equipment.

This can make the decision process much easier when shopping for batteries, and can ensure your devices are getting the power they need! To find out more about the perfect battery for your needs, contact us today.

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