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Batteries Not Included!

No one wants to be that person who buys a Christmas present for someone and has forgotten that it doesn’t include batteries. Unfortunately, we can bet this happens every single year without fail! Since battery regulations have changed, more and more manufacturers don’t include batteries in their products; so you have to source them yourself.

Whether you’ve already started your Christmas shopping yet, or if you’re only just thinking about it, it might be handy to buy your batteries in advance. With batteries in so many products, including children’s toys, you don’t want to open a gift that you can’t use straight away! After all, where’s the fun in that?
Judging from the amount of Christmas adverts that have now been released, the big day is creeping around the corner and will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re prepared, especially when it come to battery-operated gifts!

batteries not included

Stocking up on batteries

Making sure everything works as it should on Christmas Day can be very important, especially if you have little ones who have been looking forward to their new toys, or even if you are an adult excited to try out the latest gadget. Having batteries already in the house ready and waiting can mean your loved ones don’t have to wait until after Boxing Day to get their hands on batteries.

Our extensive range here at BuyaBattery means that you can stock up on all the battery types you need for gifts; whether they are standard batteries or special ones that are hard to come by in the supermarket.

Thinking ahead

Depending on the gift you are buying, rechargeable batteries might be a great solution as an additional Christmas present. This is especially useful if you are buying a power-hungry device such as a DAB radio. Rechargeable batteries mean that you can use your new gift all day long without fear of running out of power!

Of course, rechargeable batteries are useless without a charger. Get your hands on our current offer, which includes good quality rechargeable batteries and a free USB charger.

batteries not included

Note of caution

If you are storing batteries in the house, it’s crucial that you keep them out of children’s reach. We recently posted a blog on the dangers of children swallowing small button-type batteries, and having batteries around the house near Christmas could be a hazard.
While it’s great to be organised, you must also be vigilant and make sure any young children can’t get hold of them.

So if you need batteries this Christmas, save yourself some money by buying them ahead of time, instead of paying over the odds at the local petrol station on Christmas Day!

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