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Checking Your Temperature During the Coronavirus Crisis

By now, we all know the symptoms of coronavirus, whether it’s losing your sense of smell or experiencing a continuous cough. One of the easiest symptoms to detect is a high temperature or fever.

As we experience the 7th week of lockdown measures, it’s important to remain vigilant and stay safe, particularly if you are a key worker or carrying out normal activities like the weekly supermarket shop.

Using a digital thermometer can be an effective way to check your temperature and keep an eye on your health.

Using a digital thermometer

Checking your temperature is very easy. You can buy a digital thermometer from supermarkets and pharmacies, and you will find a range of replacement thermometer batteries here to make sure your device is always ready.

Remember to clean the tip of your thermometer and then turn it on. Place the tip of the thermometer under your tongue, towards the back of your mouth, and close your mouth around it. It will eventually beep or flash, and you will see a temperature on the display.

You can also use a digital thermometer under your armpit. Check the instructions that come with your digital thermometer for further instruction.

digital thermometer batteries

How to tell if you have a high temperature

Your normal body temperature is an average of 37 degrees Celsius, although this can vary from person to person and may change during the day. A high temperature is generally considered to be 38 degrees Celsius or more.

While digital thermometers are usually very helpful in checking your temperature, they are not always 100% accurate. If you feel hot or shivery, you could have a fever or high temperature even if the thermometer reads below 38 degrees Celsius. You should also touch your chest and back to see if they feel hotter than usual.

Make sure your thermometer is powered by a reliable battery, and have spares to hand. You can order digital thermometer batteries online with us and they will be sent out safely. Check what battery size your thermometer takes before ordering!

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