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Portable festival phone chargers

We all like to think we could go a few days without our phones, but the reality is that we would all end up wishing for a charger. Whether you're off to a festival for a few days or a weekend camping trip, we have a range of suitable portable phone chargers for your needs.

Portable phone chargers are now the main way to ensure you can keep in touch with your friends. Although many festivals now provide charging stations, these are often accompanied by long queues. Our products cut out the middle man and allow you to keep your phone charged even while watching your favourite artists in the middle of a field. As many phones now double up as cameras, a portable phone charger is fast becoming the most essential piece of kit for any festival goer.

Our GP portable phone charger range will guarantee to keep your phone charged, via the USB lead that your device came with. On top of this, an LED light will keep you updated on the charging status.

gp511amedium_1                gp-gl343medium_2

Here are some other useful tips to help save your phone battery in between using our festival chargers:

  • Close down all your apps
  • Switch off push email
  • Use the internet as little as possible
  • Turn your Wi-Fi off
  • Dim the brightness of your screen
  • Turn off vibrate
  • Turn off Auto-Sync of data
  • Turn Bluetooth off

Check out our available range here.

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