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Finding the Right Battery Charger

Battery chargers are a must-have if you have invested in rechargeable batteries. Making sure you’re powered up and ready to go, battery chargers come in all different shapes and sizes, so it can be tricky to know which one is best for your needs. Whether you need a fast charger, a battery for all sizes or just a standard AA battery charger, BuyaBattery are on hand to help.

If you’re looking to buy a battery charger, but you’re not quite sure which one, here is our handy guide.

Specific size or universal battery charger

Many of us use different sizes of batteries for different devices; our smoke alarms take a 9V battery, but TV remotes usually take AA or AAA batteries. If you have multiple different rechargeable batteries that you use frequently around the house, a universal battery charger is ideal.

These will accommodate for the 5 popular sizes; AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. From Ansmann to Duracell, we stock a range of different universal battery chargers. Great for charging different size batteries at the same time, you can make sure you’re always powered up. The Duracell Hi-Speed Multi Battery Charger is great for this function.

duracell battery charger
However, there are also chargers available for individual size batteries too. This can be helpful if you tend to use one size of rechargeable batteries. You’ll find AA battery chargers that are available with and without batteries.

Intelligent battery chargers

Intelligent battery chargers offer a range of extra features with high tech modes for you to take advantage of. They can make it easier to charge your batteries safely, thanks to the likes of auto cut-off and the ability to monitor the batteries’ voltages and temperatures.

If you have a lot of rechargeable batteries and you want to make sure you’re charging them safely, intelligent battery chargers could be the solution for you. For example, the Ansmann Powerline 8 charger has LED indicators to let you know whether the batteries are ready, discharging or if there is an error.

ansmann powerline 8
The Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro battery charger will charge AAA and AA batteries, but will test them too. An LCD display tells you the status of charging, the voltage and the current of the batteries. It also has a cut-off function and trickle charge once charging is complete.

ansmann powerline 4
When it comes to choosing a battery charger, it’s really about what you want from it. Do you want a simple AA battery charger that will be done in 1 hour, or do you require a more advanced, overnight charger?

What’s more, with BuyaBattery, you can buy battery chargers with or without batteries depending on your needs. So, browse through our extensive range or just give us a call if you need further help!

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