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A Helpful Guide to Using Power Banks

Portable USB chargers can be a very handy device to have with you, whether you’re going travelling or off to a festival. Likewise, they are incredibly convenient to have if you’re often on-the-go without frequent access to mains power. Also known as power banks, they are perfect for charging your USB devices including phones, tablets or portable speakers.

In the digital-driven world we live in, having a dead battery on your phone can be inconvenient to say the least. Make sure you’re never caught short by having a portable power bank to hand!

Get the most out of your power bank by following these handy tips, including some dos and don’ts to remember!

Dos & don’ts of using your power bank

DO: Think about what temperatures your power bank is exposed to. Your power bank shouldn’t be charged at temperatures under 5 degrees, or discharged at temperatures over 40 degrees.

Generally speaking, batteries prefer to be used in temperatures between 5-25 degrees. Consider this when storing or using your power bank, as the more you deviate from this temperature guide, the more likely it is that your power bank won’t perform optimally.

However, it is worth checking the packaging or instruction manual of your power bank, as some models can work beyond these temperatures.

DON’T: Drop your power bank. The device is made up of a circuit board and other fragile components which can easily break if you throw or drop the power bank. As with anything battery-related, handle it carefully and keep it in a safe place.

DO: Consider only partially charging and discharging your power bank. Partial cycles can actually prolong the life of your power bank. Use it between 20-80% and you might experience better battery life.

DON’T: Charge your device and your power bank at the same time. Not all power banks will be able to charge and discharge at the same time, and it could cause damage to the batteries in both devices. It may also affect the battery health of your power bank due to the excessive heat production from two kinds of charging.

CHECK: With your airline about taking a power bank on an aeroplane. It is not allowed to carry a power bank in your checked-in luggage, or your carry-on luggage if the airline take the carry-on luggage off you to store with the check-in luggage. Once again, please check the latest rules with your airline.

What power bank is right for me?

Our range of power banks at BuyaBattery come in various capacities, which means they have varying charging times. They also have different features, such as dual USB ports, compact designs and quick charge capabilities.

Our power banks range from 2500mAh to 15000mAh to suit your needs; as the capacity gets bigger, so does the amount of power available. For instance, the GP power bank with 15000mAh has enough power to recharge an iPhone 6-7 times.

GP Power Banks charger
Power banks are lightweight and compact to use, making them the perfect solution for commuters, campers, hikers and festival goers!

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