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How to Stay Safe in the Dark this Winter

Just because it’s cold and sometimes miserable outside, doesn’t mean that you have to begin hibernating; many people still remain active throughout the winter months. While it’s much easier to sit in front of the fire, sometimes it feels better to be up and about! If you are planning on carrying on your exercising through the winter months, you might find there a few more safety measures to consider.

Thanks to the dark nights arriving early and dull weather often hindering visibility, it’s vital to make sure that you are heading out with the right safety equipment especially if you want to avoid being in an accident! Whether you’re walking the dog, going for a run or walking to school, here is some advice to guide you this winter.

If you’re running…

For those of you who fancy braving jogging this winter, you might want to buy some thermals! But when it comes to safety equipment, reduced daylight hours means that avoiding incidents should be your main priority. Often joggers are advised to wear reflective clothing or, at the very least, wear bright colours so that you are easily seen by others using the road or path.

However, investing in a headlight could benefit you hugely; not only will you be more visible to others, but you won’t lose your footing either! If your planned route is somewhere dimly lit, this will come in very handy. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or often find yourself running in the dark, a headlamp is a brilliant piece of technology to invest in.

stay safe in dark

If you’re cycling…

Cyclists on the road can be very dangerous if they aren’t equipped. If you’re on a public road, it’s illegal to ride your bike in the dark! Many of us cycle to work, school or simply just on a Saturday afternoon to keep yourself active. You should make sure that your bike is equipped with correct lighting and even reflectors.

Your bike should have a white front light and a red rear light; and don’t forget reflectors! Reflectors should be placed on the rear of the bike as well as the pedals. If you want to be seen by motorists on the road, this could be a huge help.

Make sure you know your route, as many roads can look different in the dark, and check your cycle lights every time before setting off.

If you’re walking to and from school…

Children’s safety on the roads is a huge concern for many parents and even schools. If your kids walk to and from school, extra measures should be taken in the winter as it’s more than likely going to be dark when they set off!

It’s a great idea to attach a great quality torch to their school bag or jacket to make sure they are visible to the public. This can be a great help if they are crossing roads. Likewise, you can decorate their jacket with reflective patches too.

If you’re walking the dog…

Unfortunately, the dog needs walking come rain or shine! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can shirk your dog-walking responsibilities, so making sure you’re safe when you’re out in the dark is important.

Both yourself and your dog should be visible to passers-by; whether it’s clip-on lights for the dog collar or a headlight for yourself. This is particularly crucial if you often let your dog off the lead for a run around!

With so many different ways to stay safe in the dark this winter, make sure your equipment is always powered up with great quality batteries, all of which can be found right here at BuyaBattery.

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